Best Lawyers For Comic Book Comic Book Creators?

Alan: We live in a very different world with the internet and social media. There are so many more people out there who want to help you than when I started, but it’s still extremely difficult because we have such high expectations of ourselves and it also means that we expect others to know our work better than we do or at least appreciate our work as much as we do. That can be a challenge for some creators; they may not feel like they’re getting the recognition they deserve — and in some cases, perhaps rightly so — even though there is no one else doing the same type of book like them.

Trevor: Having been on both sides of creating comic books (creator AND publisher), I can definitely see how hard this is. It takes an incredible amount of passion, energy, industry connections…and most importantly time! You need all those things plus commitment if you want your series to succeed big-time in today’s market which has oh-so-many good new titles every month from established publishers hungry for success stories nowadays . One thing about being a creator/publisher is that while you absolutely have to love what you do–since few publishers will accept any story unless it moves them—you also have to learn how NOT TO BE A MORON IN THE WORDS OF OBVIOUS PEOPLE WHO ARE TIRED OF THIS SHIT THAT WE ALL KNOW ABOUT EVERY CREATOR BUT MANAGE TO KEEP DOING IT ANY

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