Best Lawyers For Civil Case Bakersfield?

I am no attorney and I plan on representing myself, but I need some help with my case. My husband left me after 2 years of marriage for another woman (and this is not the first time). He had filed a restraining order against me in November 2012 because he claimed that I was stalking him and that I threatened to kill him (both claims were proved false) and we signed a pre-nup stating that if we separated or divorced she would get half of our assets. Well, in April 2014 they filed for divorce and at the end of May he moved out all his stuff and left. After looking through his stuff it appears like 90% is still there so i’m assuming he’s just trying to play the victim card by making it look like i’ve taken everything away from him which isn’t true at all since most things are still where they should be… If anyone has any ideas what can be done about this situation please let me know… Thanks!

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