Best Lawyers For Child Support?

” “What’s the most expensive divorce in history?” and “Who is the best-paid TV host on cable news?” We are constantly bombarded by stories about the size, scope, and cost of divorce. And all too often those numbers do not represent reality.

It may be that there have been dramatic increases in some divorces over time—sometimes dramatically so—but this does not necessarily mean that more people are getting divorced today than ever before. When you compare rates over time, it is crucial to note how they measure up against each other. If one spouse asserts a 25 percent increase in his or her rate of incidence over 15 years while another spouse claims a 50 percent rise during the same period, which amount seems greater? The first number works out to an average annual percentage change (APC) of 10 percent whereas the latter number is 12 times higher at 42 percent annually. Put more simply: One person might say he or she was experiencing an overall 20% increase per year for 15 years; but if his wife claimed that she had experienced 40% increases annually during those same 15 years, then her APC would come out to be only 2%, which would seem relatively small compared with what he said! It isn’t hard to see why these kinds of comparisons can matter quite a bit when trying to figure out whether one spouse has actually experienced any real changes over several decades as opposed to just spinning tall tales!

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