Best Lawyers For Child Custody Jefferson County Wv?

what are the best lawyers for child custody jefferson county wv?

My ex-husband’s lawyer is handling everything. I get to see my son 2 days a week, but he doesn’t get to spend any time with me due to her doing things like making him wait until I’m not home or calling his school and creating problems if he goes there unsupervised. She has told him that she thinks I don’t want him around because of what happened in our marriage (her pushing for divorce after only 6 months) . She made an appointment with the judge so that she could tell her version of what happened behind closed doors at mediation instead of us telling our side in front of both parties. The judge wants me to sit down again next month once she tells them how it went this time when they make their decision on whether or not she’ll be able to continue seeing my son every other weekend…I feel like I’ve been screwed over one too many times already!

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