Best Lawyers For Child Abuse Cases Lafayette Indiana?

Exposing the roots of child abuse in any family is difficult, yet it is vital to get help. If you’re looking for excellent legal representation from a respected attorney who’s experienced with child sexual abuse cases, then look no further than Porter & Myers Law Office LLP. We have been providing quality legal services since 1982 and our experience allows us to understand your situation and provide superior service.

Our attorneys will make sure that everyone involved knows what happened, why it happened and how you can move forward together. We will diligently investigate every allegation of sexual or physical abuse, whether by a family member or a non-family member who has access to your children such as teachers or coaches at school or daycare centers where your children attend classes. Our law firm handles all types of lawsuits when necessary including medical malpractice claims involving negligent doctors and nurses just like hospitals in Lafayette Indiana which we’ve investigated over the years on behalf of parents whose loved ones suffered injuries due to medical mistakes made by these professionals when treating their kids….

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