Best Lawyers For Child Abuse Cases In The Country?

They are called child advocacy centers.

It was the Child Advocacy Center, based in San Diego, that filed suit on behalf of Jonathan and his siblings against their parents. It wasn’t until 2013 that court records were unsealed, which included the testimony of a former police officer who said he had seen Jonathan beaten with hoses by his father only weeks before the boy died. The attorney for the LaSalles argued during trial that they should not be held criminally liable because they had no idea how bad things were at home—that their daughter never told them about it all even though she caused her own wound to her head after hitting herself repeatedly on an ironing board while screaming “Mommy!” over and over again. The jury found them guilty of second-degree murder but is still deliberating whether or not to sentence them as adults or minors (they each face up to 15 years per charge). After three months without hearing verdicts from jurors, including one woman who objected every time there was mention of domestic violence against her sister-in-law by another member of the jury pool, Judge David Szumowski reprimanded both sides for improperly discussing cases outside court—something he expects will happen less frequently now since this case has become public knowledge throughout Southern California. But whatever happens next could have consequences nationwide: If convicted as adults, Jonathan’s parents could be sentenced to life without parole; if convicted as juveniles they would receive probationary sentences that would

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