Best Lawyers For Cases Like Harassment?

The answer is simple: You don’t need to be a lawyer, and you probably shouldn’t want to be. The more money you can generate without having to sit behind a desk, the better off your business will be. But what about the case where someone who isn’t an expert in harassment law seeks help from a local firm? Can that person really expect results he or she can use in court?

Legal experts say that when it comes to sexual harassment litigation, too often lawyers are willing to take on clients they think they can easily beat in court. That may have been true before the #MeToo movement brought awareness of these kinds of cases with greater frequency and intensity—especially for women seeking financial recourse from organizations or even individuals whom they claim harassed them at work. In Massachusetts, for example, there were 486 reported incidents of workplace harassment last year alone; this was almost triple the rate seen just two years ago—and it’s still going up. And although 90 percent of those assaults took place during non-business hours (when victims would presumably most benefit from legal representation), only one out of every ten filed suits ended up being litigated by a lawyer at all because plaintiffs couldn’t afford one themselves after their initial fees were covered by insurance companies. So how do people like me potentially get involved when we’re not employed by large firms but simply want some help obtaining justice through civil courts? It depends on our individual circumstances and needs—but

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