Best Lawyers For Canada Immigration?

I want to start by thanking the Senate for having me. I think that’s very much in keeping with our traditions here. But what is so exciting about this bill, and I don’t believe it was ever put forward—it wasn’t even mentioned in committee or debated on the floor of the House of Commons—is that it makes good law out of bad practice. It says there are no excuses anymore without consequences, which means we can stop accepting any form of benefit from anyone who has violated our laws.

The Honourable Senator Cowan: Could you repeat again what you said? The honourable senator spoke faster than he could finish his question; maybe he would like us to replay your question after a ten-second pause. Could you please repeat again what you said? (Laughter)

Senator Harder: The threshold now is at $10,000 per violation over six years rather than sixty-five days every year thereafter as before; however, presently if someone violates Canada’s immigration laws they will not face prosecution or sanction unless they have been arrested by Revenue Canada or elsewhere for violating other financial rules that are imposed on all Canadians, such as tax evasion under section 462(1)(a) of the Criminal Code , fraud under section 380(1)(b), money laundering under subsection 5(2) of the Proceeds Of Crime Act , terrorist financing under subsections 83.01(2) and 83.(3)

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