Best Lawyers For Barking Dogs?

I’m not knocking the great work of animal law attorneys, but I think it’s worth pointing out that many people who are fighting for animals aren’t legal experts. They may well be highly educated and talented at researching information about their cause, but they do not have an understanding of how to navigate the complex world of criminal justice systems. That is where lawyers come in. And it’s no different than with human problems—people don’t understand how best to fight for what they care about because there are a lot more variables involved. For example, some people know how best to advocate on behalf of battered women or lesbian couples or prison inmates; others might be better-suited as a political activist rather than a lawyer.

Who should take action against dog barkers? Who can help them?

There’s been some discussion lately about whether self-appointed “bark patrols” should step up enforcement against those who let dogs off leash in public spaces (e.g., parks). In general terms, my position is as follows: If you see something wrong happening and feel seriously harassed by someone else’s behavior—say you witness someone being bitten by a dog or being yelled at for walking her own dog– then speak up! It doesn’t matter if your concern isn’t directly related to animal welfare laws—if someone is shouting vulgarities at you just because he sees you walking your dog, call the police immediately! Just keep this

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