Best Lawyers For Air Bag Injuries?

“I think it depends on the case,” I said. “Sometimes it’s a matter of who has the best attorney, and sometimes it just comes down to luck. You know what they say: When you play poker with your friends, you have to be careful about whose advice you take because everyone else is always cheating them out of money.”

We continued our tour while I explained my point of view on air bag cases. One thing was clear—Janetta had gotten some good advice from Bradley before she hired him as her lawyer in this matter. He was a criminal defense specialist and a very likable person despite his intimidating appearance—a man who looked like he could break your nose if he wanted to but would more likely kick your ass for fun if that happened by accident. Janetta had been warned about him before hiring him. She didn’t need me to tell her anything she already knew or couldn’t get from reading the firm Web page alone; all she needed was someone telling her how things worked in courtrooms around town, especially when dealing with prosecutors and police officers who were trying to make an example of someone so they could feel better about themselves by putting their own guilt behind bars where no one would ever hear them cry again, not even for food or shelter or relief from boredom until their sentence ended with parole years later when they got lucky enough that these same cops decided they deserved another chance at life

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