Best Lawyers For Agent Orange?

The United States has the largest endowment of lawyers per capita in the world, and it is for this reason that they are one of the most powerful political actors on earth. Every President since Nixon has had to hire new lawyers at some point during his first term (Nixon was forced to fire his own chief counsel who refused an order from him). Nixon resigned because he could not get rid of Hunt or Dean, but also because he believed himself to be guilty as charged. John Kennedy hired no less than six new attorneys for each attorney already on staff. Ford’s house counsel quit after only two days due to a conflict with Ford over what evidence had been found by whom, or more accurately which documents would be allowed into evidence? To protect their innocent clients, many law firms will purposefully destroy any relevant records before turning them over to investigators/prosecutors even though they may have nothing whatsoever do with criminal wrongdoing. The government has virtually unlimited resources compared to any private firm; therefore there are few limits placed upon them . It does not matter if you are innocent or not – if your lawyer destroyed relevant documents remember that “the ends justify the means” when seeking justice. Lawyer-client privilege is another important barrier which must be broken through by investigative reporters otherwise all relevant information will remain hidden forever unless obtained illegally through grand jury subpoenas, witness tampering etc… As far as general legal advice goes – most judges can effectively advise their fellow judges without ever seeing anything except court

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