Best Lawyers For A Will?


Chapter 9

Making Money with Investments

Investments are made up of stocks and bonds. Stocks are bought and sold for the purpose of making money. Bonds pay interest to investors who buy them , but they aren’t traded like stocks because they don’t have much price movement . Most people think that investments make you rich over time, but this isn’t true—for example, if you buy 100 shares of Microsoft at $10 a share one year ago today, it would be worth about $1 million today ($10 x 100). But even though it has increased in value by more than 1 million times during that period—a huge increase!—it is still subject to market fluctuations that can drop or raise its value drastically due to economic conditions (like the dot-com bubble burst) or the actions of companies themselves (like when Dell Inc. was taking too many risks on new technology initiatives). So although investing money can help improve your financial situation significantly over time by providing income from dividends and long-term capital gains taxes as well as growth through appreciation in value based on an investment’s performance relative to other investments, it doesn’t guarantee success every single year without taking some risk along the way…and sometimes there is no guarantee whatsoever . The best advice? Don’t do anything until you’re ready ! There will come a day when you’ll be able to take advantage of opportunities that are right for you whether your

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