Best Lawyers For A Non-Profit?

While the federal government is not in the business of providing legal services, there are a number of places you can turn to for help. The legal clinic at your local university may be able to point you in the right direction if it has pro bono options available. Alternatively, there are thousands of lawyers who have volunteered their time and expertise to provide free advice or representation on certain issues or cases that they feel strongly about. Another option is Legal Services Corporation (LSC), which was established by Congress through legislation enacted in 1974 after passage of Legal Services Act in 1965. LSC provides grants to states that apply for them so that qualified low-income people can obtain representation from private attorneys hired by LSC grantees (known as “LSG”). Your local bar association may also be able to direct you toward an attorney who offers free counseling and/or referrals; however, these will typically be limited to general matters such as divorce, child custody disputes and property settlement agreements rather than matters related specifically to employment law matters like wrongful termination claims (for example, domestic violence allegations). If all else fails, try accessing information about other organizations that offer non-profit funded legal assistance programs throughout Massachusetts , including National Employment Lawyers Association .

When should I seek outside counsel?

If after exhausting all internally available avenues fail then consider seeking outside counsel with experience handling employment discrimination cases against employers accused of violating Title VII laws under Federal Law or state statutes prohibiting discrimination based on sex or sexual orientation

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