Best Lawyers Embargoed Release For 2020 Listings?

The public interest would be served by the release of all reports and records, including those related to potential presidential candidates who have not yet declared a candidacy or run for office. Such information is likely to assist voters in evaluating the qualifications, backgrounds and professional histories of individuals seeking positions as president. In addition, many highly qualified individuals with important experience working at companies such as Goldman Sachs will also appear on future lists of possible nominees for vice president or cabinet positions. Many states already make available some basic biographical information about sitting members of Congress from their official websites.[8] In order to enhance transparency and improve access to government-held materials that are relevant to meaningful public debate it is time for federal law enforcement agencies consistent with FOIA principles[9]to disclose more Obama White House Benghazi emails without redaction before 2020 election date.[10][11][12][13]. Instead of forcing American taxpayers into paying hundreds if millions o Federal Court fees (which could go up significantly after next year’s higher court dues) they can turn over ALL OF THE ORIGINAL BENGHAZI EMAILS FOR REVIEW UNDER FOI ACTS AND OPEN RECORDS ACTS ONLINE AT WHITEHOUSE BACKDOOR WHITEWASHING DOCUMENTS IN PAGE 8 THREAD SO WE CAN SEE WHAT HAPPENED WITH THESE REPORTEDLY TREASONOUS DEATHS/MURDERS OF US SERVICEMEN BY OUR OWN LEADERS!

November 6th 2017:

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