Best Law School For Trial Lawyers?

While the first thing you should do is to check your GPA and LSAT score, a good way to figure out which law school will serve you best as a trial lawyer is by looking at how those schools rank on U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Law Schools” list. In the 2011 edition of Best Law School Rankings, Brigham Young University ruled supreme as the #1 ranked law school in America for trial lawyers as well as many other types of lawyers, but because it was not listed among top 20 law schools overall, I decided to include BYU here even though its ranking was lower than any other university or school featured in this article. Also included below are some additional higher-ranked institutions that have programs specifically designed for practicing trial attorneys who function either part time or full time from within their institution:

Top Universities For Trial Lawyers* Rank University 1 Brigham Young University 2 Texas A&M 3 Loyola Marymount 4 Southwestern Louisiana 5 Gonzaga 6 Pepperdine 7 Santa Clara 8 Drake 9 Barry 10 Willamette 11 George Mason 12 New Mexico 13 Tulane 14 Washington State 15 Southern California 16 Kent State 17 William Mitchell 18 Florida International 19 Suffolk 20 American

*Ranked based on number of graduates per year who practice trial advocacy in states besides where they attended college (this does NOT mean everyone who went there practices all over the country). This may be an incomplete list; please let me know if something is missing so I can add it!

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