Best Law School For Music Lawyers?

The music industry has been trying to find a good law school for over 40 years. Even the big firms have trouble finding enough lawyers with appropriate training and experience in this area, so those that can’t get hired by one of the major corporate law firms usually end up working as freelancers, largely because there is no other way to make a living at it.

For these reasons, music attorneys sometimes look down on those who work as solo practitioners or small firm practitioners. This article from The Atlantic states: “The legal profession has long had an image problem. But in recent years academia has finally caught up with practice—and not just in its more traditional quarters like corporate law and criminal defense…. Music is one of the most exciting areas for aspiring musicians today, but few are able to support themselves seriously outside of it… There are some promising signs that things may be changing, however…. For many years now professors have taught courses related to popular culture—from comic books to Star Wars (which was about half Beatles). And then you’ve got Berklee College of Music [], which offers both formal conservatory-style classes in jazz performance and jazz studies programs designed specifically for non-jazz students interested in mastering their instruments while also learning critical thinking skills through history or sociology classes like Women & Gender Studies 101 or Asian American Studies 102 (the latter covering issues like affirmative action.) A handful of colleges

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