Best Law School For Entertainment Lawyers?

Lawyers, like other professionals, are always looking for opportunities to gain exposure and make money. Even if you think the best law school is the one that gets you a job right out of law school (the bottom line), it can be hard not to get caught up in the game. It’s like high-school dating: The more dates you go on, the more matches there are; the better your chances of meeting someone who will accept your offer; and so on. That’s why many people start climbing their way up through various levels of legal education rather than starting at ground level with an undergraduate degree or even a graduate degree in another field entirely. Of course, once they arrive at law school—typically after five years of college—they have no idea where they want to go professionally or what kind of career track to take once they’re there. So while that may be true about entertainment lawyers all over America today, it wasn’t very true twenty years ago when I graduated from Georgetown Law School in 1997.[1]

I had just finished my second year as an entertainment litigation fellow at Harvard Law School when I decided that being an entertainment lawyer was something I really wanted to do for a living.[2] After successfully completing my stint as a fellow during which time I sued Warner Bros., Disney Studios/ABC Television Group,[3] CBS Paramount Domestic Television Distribution,[4] Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment,[5] Shout

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