Best Law Practice Areas In Dallas For Solo Lawyers?

I’m trying to decide between solo practice and a very small firm. The fee is about the same for either one, but I know that going with a smaller firm will help me build my resume a lot faster. However, there are some downsides to it as well: typically the associates in a law firm do more legal work than an individual does because they’re working under someone’s supervision; also, you can’t control your own schedule as much since you’re working under someone else’s management. Also, depending on where you go into business (if at all), if your boss doesn’t like what you’re doing or how things are going then they could leave out of nowhere without warning and take everything away from you. But don’t get me wrong–the benefits of being in a larger firm outweigh those few disadvantages so many times over! I think the best choice would be to choose whether or not this is something that interests you enough so that it wouldn’t matter if these downsides came along with it just as long as it was financially feasible for now and foremost before anything else comes into play. Good luck! 🙂

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