Best Laptops For Lawyers 2018?

If you are an avid social media user, you might be more familiar with the term “Instagram” than “Facebook.” But if you’re like most lawyers, chances are that your primary use of Instagram (if not Facebook) is for documenting legal proceedings. After all, there’s no better way to document a trial or litigation than taking photos on your phone and posting them online.

While it may seem obvious that anyone who wants to become a lawyer must have at least some interest in photography, this isn’t always true. While some people do take pictures on their phones just for fun or upload them as part of blog posts they write about their daily lives, many lawyers will tell you that they don’t really enjoy it. For some reason—maybe because law can be so dry? Or maybe because there’s something about having an expensive camera hanging around one’s neck while doing work-related tasks—lawyers tend to prefer using digital cameras instead of smartphones when it comes time to take pictures in courtrooms and other work settings. And though we can understand why people would want professional quality photographs for legal purposes, we were curious whether the best laptops for lawyers 2018 would allow us (and our clients) to get professional looking images without breaking the bank. The answer: Not exactly… At least until now!

The Best Laptops For Lawyers 2018 Reviewed & Compared

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