Best Laptop Or Tablet For Lawyers?

Since the dawn of modern consumer electronics, lawyers have been among the most tech-savvy and expensive consumers. The reason is simple: we need our technology to work — so we can get through our day job and deal with clients in a way that’s efficient and professional. But there’s no one size fits all answer for what laptop or tablet you should buy as a lawyer. With so many different devices on the market, it makes sense that every time I ask myself this question I get at least five answers! And while none of these answers are wrong per se, they’re definitely not right either. So I decided to break down my thoughts into two categories: Lawyer-friendly laptops (and tablets) — which ones will make your life easier? Lawyer unfriendly laptops (and tablets)…which ones won’t make your life easier? Let me start by saying some things about myself… First off, like many people who use computers regularly (i.e., “regular computer users,” not just lawyers), I fall into more than one category when it comes to using my gear; I’m both a lawyer AND an IT guy/gadget freak/tech enthusiast/enthusiast extraordinaire…okay, maybe not quite THAT extreme but close enough! (Incidentally though…the term “lawyer” really has nothing to do with being paid well). Secondly, given how much money tech gadgets cost these days ($1000+ range!), especially when compared to

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