Best Languages To Learn For Lawyers?

As a lawyer, you need to be able to communicate with people from all sorts of backgrounds. English is the most commonly used language in the world by far. It’s very useful for getting clients on your side and gaining new business. But some other languages can also be useful, if they give you an edge over your competitors: Russian – a good way to get legal work in countries where English is not spoken or understood Chinese – this is becoming increasingly popular among employers who want their lawyers to have a solid knowledge of this language Korean – while it may seem like the furthest thing from lawyering (it deals with ancient texts), many companies today are looking for someone who can speak and write at least basic K-pop French – especially in fields such as intellectual property law, this makes you stand out from other candidates Japanese – once again, there aren’t that many jobs actually requiring fluency here but if you know enough about the subject matter and how things work within Japan and its legal system (you’ll probably need help with both translation and interpretation) German – speaking only German isn’t going make anyone take notice Spanish/Portuguese/Italian/etc… they’re most likely not going use these when recruiting so it won’t benefit you much unless company A has more than one office in Europe Mandarin Chinese I’m really just throwing stuff out there without even trying them myself since I don’t think any of us will ever come up against anything we’d find difficult! 😉

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