Best Language To Learn For Lawyers?

I’m not sure I’d go that far, but the legal profession is certainly one of the most diverse in terms of language skills. There are lots of recent graduates who come out with almost no foreign language ability at all—they learned English as a second or third language, and there are even some people who speak French without knowing it. Then there are those for whom languages came naturally—like me! And then there’s everything else in between. So the degree to which you learn different languages depends on each individual lawyer. How much personal investment do you want? How much time do you have to devote? What level will your work be? That determines what kind of language learning system fits your needs best. If you want to become bilingual or multilingual quickly, maybe something like Duolingo would be useful; if you prefer more gradual progress, perhaps Fluenz could give satisfaction; if developing strong grammatical skills is important for your career path (as it was mine), Pimsleur might provide the key insights; if learning vocabulary is critical for success (see my comments above about how lawyers rely on words like “foundation” and “buildingsite”), then maybe Memrise could help (and this isn’t even mentioning other forms of online learning). It really depends on individual circumstances and interests—that’s why I don’t think we can make blanket recommendations here!

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