Best Known Lawyers For Business?

I would say that in South Africa, it is Thomas Greenshields and in the United Kingdom, it is Tom Gorman. They are both extremely well-known and very experienced lawyers for business.

Who do you think will be the next “most famous lawyer for business”? Are there any young rising stars in this area?

There are a number of lawyers who have been mentioned as possible future “stars”, including David Tracey (who I worked with when he was at Allen & Overy) and Mark Hughes (at CMS). Both these guys come from high-end law firms such as Clifford Chance or King & Wood Mallesons where they were junior partners before joining M&A practice groups at large law firms like Allen & Overy or ACS:Law. It’s very hard to make a name for yourself without having done some significant work on one of these deals – but clearly we’ll see if any of them become household names yet!

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