Best Keywords For Lawyers?

What keywords are most related to the search phrases “best lawyers” and “find a lawyer”?

Which words, if any, can you remove from your list of keyword ideas?

Page 354

Chapter 16: Creating Marketing Plans for Your Website

In This Chapter:

Combining Online Marketing with Offline Marketing Strategy

Setting Goals for Online Advertising Campaigns and Off-Line Promotion Programs

Defining Target Market Segments as Compared with Other Keyword Research Techniques

Reviewing How You Manage Internet Advertise-ments Efforts on Your Site as Well as Those on Others’ Sites in General Terms of Use/Copyright Issues. . . And Privacy Policies. . . And Technical Issues Especially As They Affect Search Engine Positioning Accuracy. . . And Which Keywords Are Most Useful For What Kinds Of Content On The Web Page(s) You Want To Place Ads In That Will Get Results When People Try To Find Out About Your Practice Areas Or Services Or Products or Services by Googling A Given Word Combination From the Search Results Listings Returned By When Someone Searches For Specific Types Of Information About Lawyers or Law Firm Management or Law Firm Marketing Ideas or Legal Counselors etc.. etc.. etc… Then There’s Also That Whole Issue With Copyright Clearance which Involves Sections 17 U.S Code 512 (c)(3). So I’m Not Sure Exactly what you’re asking here but please try to answer my

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