Best John Grisham Book For Aspiring Lawyers?

The appeal of the book is that it gives you an insight to what life can be like when you decide to make a career in law. The story revolves around young boy named Jake Brigance, who lives in Mississippi and decides at a tender age of 12 years old he wants to go into law. He then follows his dream and moves to New York where he joins Harvard Law School. Here we come across characters such as; John Grisham himself, Harry Rex Vonner (the judge), Jake’s mother (Johnnie Louise) and many others all play their roles very well because they are true-to-life characters with real life experiences which makes them interesting for both adults and children alike. The book portrays the challenges one may face when deciding whether or not they will follow their dreams towards becoming a lawyer which is very hard work so if this sounds like something you would enjoy reading about I highly recommend it!

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