Best Jobs For Non Litigating Lawyers?

Lawyers who want to work in other areas may be able to do so if they are willing to take on some other type of case, such as student loans or employment discrimination. If you would like information on non-litigating jobs for lawyers, please call our office at (512) 477-1380 and speak with one of our specialists.

What type of civil litigation can I do? What kind of cases can I handle?

Most law firms have a litigation department that handles complicated legal issues for clients. Some cases handled by the litigation department include: personal injury claims , including car accidents and medical malpractice lawsuits; business disputes involving contracts, sales taxes, intellectual property rights and unfair competition allegations; family law matters , including child custody battles and divorce proceedings ; environmental law suits regarding toxic waste cleanup problems; product liability claims resulting from unsafe products being used by consumers; nursing home abuse inquiries ; elder neglect complaints ; bankruptcy filings . In addition to handling these types of cases personally, most attorneys also perform research on topics related to their practice area before taking court action against another party. For example, an attorney handling a personal injury matter will likely spend time researching medical professionals before going ahead with his/her claim against an insurance company involved in the accident case. This step is essential because it allows him/her to make sure everything is done correctly during the process.. A good lawyer will know what questions need asking about different aspects of a particular field or issue before proceeding with a

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