Best Jobs For Lawyers?

No matter how many laws you pass, no matter how many times people come to your office and thank you for protecting their rights or helping them with a problem, no matter what kind of reputation you build – it is worth nothing if the best job in the world goes unfilled. Lawyers tend to be very driven and ambitious and leave big firms and enter smaller practices (and often go up against their former bosses) for this reason: there are more opportunities at small law firms than large ones.

What qualities make up a good lawyer? Can they be taught by books rather than experience? How important is education as opposed to experience? What can I expect from my first year as an intern (or second/third year after graduating)? What do I need to know about hours, billing rates, etc.? Is there anything that will help me out during finals week or the semester break? If so, where do I find it — on campus or off campus — and who does it best? And finally but most importantly: which schools offer the greatest bang for my buck(?) Thanks!

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