Best Jobs For Lawyers With Experience?

This is a question that many graduates have asked themselves. After all, even if you’re ready to begin your career as a lawyer, working in the industry can be tough on the wallet. Thankfully, there are still great options for those who want to make money with law degrees but don’t necessarily need run-of-the-mill experiences like “litigation” or “corporate.” If you want to keep your options open and aren’t looking for big firm paychecks (or at least not as much as they offer), here are some of the best jobs for lawyers with law school experience:

Corporate Lawyer: Corporate lawyers spend their days advising management on various issues pertaining to company operations and personnel policy. Although this is one of the most common legal careers available (and offers high salaries), it does require knowledge and experience in corporate laws and regulations — an area where many graduates will struggle after law school. However, if you master these skills while studying legal theory during your time at Loyola University Chicago School of Law , then you’ll be well equipped when it comes time to find employment in this field — which is actually good news since companies tend to hire from within instead of hiring new attorneys just out of law school!

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