Best Jobs For Former Lawyers?

According to a new study released by the National Association of Legal Career Professionals (NALC), there’s no shortage of opportunities for lawyers who want to go back into practice law. According to NALC, more than 1 in 7 practicing attorneys indicated that they will leave their current position because of unfavorable market conditions and/or other problems during 2013. However, many recent graduates are finding success as legal professionals once again thanks to an increase in demand from employers seeking top-notch candidates among recently minted law school graduates.

The NALCP survey indicates that more than 1 out of every 15 newly minted lawyers plan on going back into practice this year – double the number from last year. And rising salaries could be a major reason why: nearly two-thirds named salary as a factor influencing their decision whether or not they’ll return to work after graduating from law school – up 12 percent from last year – and nearly one quarter mentioned job security as a deciding factor – up 4 percent over 2012’s results. Of those interested in returning to employment within 3 years after graduation, almost half said it would be due at least partly due “to career advancement” while another 31% said it was “due at least partly due[ly] because I have been passed over for promotions.”

In addition, roughly half reported receiving between $75000-$100000 per year when starting their first jobs upon graduation with 23% reporting income just above $60K and 22% earning

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