Best Jobs For Experinece Lawyers?

I’ve been a paralegal since I graduated in ’97. I love my job and have no desire to go into law full time, but from what you’ve said it sounds like this is where the action is at right now!

You’ll make more money if you work for a big firm, but they will pay less. The best jobs are with small firms or people who started out as associates after finishing law school (you can wait until you’re free). You’re going to learn tons of stuff that’s going to come in handy later on – especially if your career path includes some sort of public interest advocacy or election litigation.

If all else fails then get a job that lets you do something interesting while earning a decent salary. For example, teaching may sound boring but from personal experience I know how satisfying it can be when kids learn something new and have fun doing so… Although getting paid for doing so may not feel quite so great 😉

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