Best Jobs For Ex Lawyers?

What are the top law firm jobs for ex-lawyers? What job opportunities are there for a lawyer after they leave a big city or a small town? How can you best reenter the legal profession after an extended absence from practice, such as taking time to raise children, go back to school, start a business, or care for aging parents?

These questions and more were answered by panelists at our annual Loyola Law School Career Fair on April 21. In addition to answering these questions about reentry into the profession following long absences from practice, we heard from representatives of government agencies that may have openings in their ranks. Panelists took us through their own personal stories about how they had been hired—and promoted!—by agencies either before they received their degrees or shortly thereafter. One panelist reported being hired by two different federal agencies within three weeks of graduating with her J.D., another told how she was approached not only by one agency but also several other state and local government entities during her internship year while still in law school. Others shared information about post-graduation employment at large firms as well as smaller boutique firms both inside and outside New Orleans; some even discussed entry level positions available with governmental bodies such as municipal courts and public defenders offices around the country including those representing indigent persons charged with crimes related to drug offenses (including marijuana). We appreciated hearing what employers look for when hiring new lawyers: strong academic credentials (in particular grades) plus good work

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