Best Jobs For Disbarred Lawyers?

As you’ve probably heard, there are now many more lawyers who can get a job in the legal field. This is good news for those of us with bad pasts because it means we have a shot at getting back into practice. However, this isn’t going to be easy. A lot of people feel that if you had a law license before, then you shouldn’t be able to get one again without some type of penalty or punishment from the court system. There are also organizations like The Association of Professional Employees (APE) that look out for their members and try to protect them from disbarred attorneys applying for jobs in order to protect themselves from having bad employees working next door earning them money they won’t ever see again. So what do these organizations do? They go after law schools and ask them not only not hire an attorney with a professional discipline on his or her record but even refuse admission altogether! It seems almost as though some boards think if they don’t want someone practicing law then let him/her go right onto being hired by someone else…now isn’t that nice??? I guess it makes sense when you pair up with other thoughts such as “if they aren’t allowed to practice then why should we allow them into our profession?! If they behave badly, then just fire them; we don’t need people like that causing trouble in our ranks! We know how professionals act and how we expect professionals will

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