Best Job Search For Lawyers?

” or “my dream job for a lawyer?” and other such questions, we cannot make it happen. We can only help you get the information you need to make up your own mind.

Since each of us has different goals in life, we customize our job search according to what we want out of a career change (and often that is not even clear). Each year thousands of law graduates declare that they will never practice law again because they decide that practicing law is not what they really wanted to do after all; instead, they plan on working in some capacity related to their legal education; maybe as an assistant attorney general or something else entirely. This gives me great hope and optimism about the future: If so many people have decided otherwise by declaring themselves unemployed upon graduation from school, then there must be good jobs waiting for those who choose this path! But it does mean I spend most of my time helping others figure out exactly what kind of work would best fit them and how best to attain it. Of course I could just sit back and let other people find jobs for me if that was really all I wanted—I don’t think anyone should ever settle for less than he deserves. But since I’m very much involved with my clients’ careers, these are the kinds of things I am asked about most frequently when hiring lawyers at New England Legal Services: Is this perfect job available? What type(s) of employment opportunities might exist here? How do you research companies

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