Best Job Prospects For Lawyers?

The best job prospects for lawyers: 1. Government and public service: 68% (up from 60%). 2. Law firm jobs: 18% (down from 20%). 3. Private practice: 10% (down from 12%) 4. State/local government jobs: 5% (unchanged). 5. Outside the United States, legal work in Europe or Asia is a strong possibility for law school graduates – only 15 percent of surveyed graduates said they had no international experience after graduation, and nearly one-third of those who did report having international experiences say that their foreign work opportunities were “very good” to “excellent” – 30 percent overall and 34 percent among recent law school graduates specifically.

Additionally, 63 percent of those surveyed reported receiving some sort of training abroad as part of their education; 50 percent reported attending an international conference during their studies; 39 percent worked on a study abroad program during college; 38 percent studied overseas as part of a course requirement while at law school.

One suggestion that would improve the chances for young people considering going into private practice was if more firms offered internships prior to hiring applicants directly out of law schools.

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