Best Job For Lawyers?

Well, maybe it’s not so much a matter of what they do, but how good they are at telling stories.

There is no doubt that lawyers have to be great storytellers in order to get the job done. The question is how well they tell stories about their own profession and its history? If you listen closely, especially if you listen carefully enough to hear the way things are said by members of the legal community—you will often find that lawyers don’t really like talking about law or even think too highly of themselves when it comes to speaking in front of others (which is why you never hear very many speeches given by attorneys). But when I started asking questions about this subject with my clients who were in need of legal representation or coaching on how best to handle future litigation matters, I was surprised at just how open most lawyers were willing to talk. After all, when one asks oneself for advice on handling areas where he/she may be lacking (and when one has an objective team member always available), then words can flow freely; after all, there is nothing better than having someone else give his/her perspective on your situation because one does not know exactly what lies ahead for him/her.


In a normal day-to-day discussion between two peers from different professions within any industry personnel requirements include being able tell a story as part of an exercise called “job analysis”

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