Best Job For Lawyers After Practacing?

a) Lawyer. b) Counselor c) Legal advisor d) social attorney e) paralegal f) law associate g) lawyer h) litigation specialist i). All of the above j). None of the above

24. Who is most likely to be a successful trial attorney?

a). One who prides himself on his ability to relate well with others and work well in teams b). One whose knowledge base can handle any legal issue c). One who works hard, takes pride in his efforts, and exhibits confidence that he will prevail at all costs d). A determined person who refuses to give up even when faced with strong opposition e). Someone whose basic values are ethical conduct f ). An assistant district attorney or municipal prosecutor g.) A person who loves reading books about justice h.). The best judge for trials should have extensive experience as an Assistant District Attorney or Municipal Prosecutor i ) . A lawyer specialized in criminal law j ). Lawyers should never try cases before judges k.) Lawyers should always use their common sense l ) . An ideal trial lawyer would be able to interpret the law based upon case precedent m .) Trial lawyers need not know anything about jury selection n ) . Always maintain composure until you get into court o ) . The best practice is that both sides seek out good representation by competent attorneys p ) , but I believe there are many people capable of representing themselves q ). Avoiding contact with opposing counsel r ). Never make promises s.) Most successful trial attorneys practice where

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