Best Job For Aspiring Lawyers?

The great thing about the job I have is it’s not defined by what you do. You get to be creative and work on interesting projects that are not necessarily tied to an industry or a company, which is really cool. Even in my day-to-day activities, when I’m working with clients, I don’t feel like my job is based around the law at all. It’s more about helping people make their businesses better through different means. What would happen if we did this differently? That kind of stuff interests me more than just making sure that contracts are written correctly or proving that one side of a lawsuit has the better argument in court.

What advice would you give someone who wants to follow your career path?

I think it comes down to being proactive rather than reactive in terms of finding opportunities for yourself outside what your current employers may offer you—not because they won’t let you go but because they might not know exactly where else there are ways for you to grow personally and professionally within their organization without having to leave them completely behind. For example, say you love computer programming but can never get into back end development—don’t wait until halfway through college before deciding “this isn’t going anywhere.” Go out into the world knowing what skillset will benefit your future self most! Always take advantage of free courses online if necessary so long as they’re related towards whatever field/career path interests you right

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