Best Ipad Apps For Lawyers?

You need to start out simple. That’s what I tell my students, and it’s the best advice you can get at this point in your career. You need to create a blog—if you have one or are thinking about creating one—and begin posting content that is helpful to people entering the legal profession, which means marketing yourself as an expert on topics related to law school admissions, law school careers, interviewing effectively with employers, how to choose between different types of jobs after graduation (e.g., public defender vs solo practitioner), etc..

If you don’t have experience in writing for blogs or producing podcasts/vlogs for YouTube channels then create something now while it still feels novel and new. It doesn’t matter if anyone else reads it but yourself; just keep performing small experiments every week that are hopefully improving over time. Before long you will find that they are actually becoming more compelling than any other type of content because when you do them right they come off as authentic responses from someone who genuinely cares about helping others succeed in their careers without getting too much into specifics on how exactly each specific choice applies specifically their own situation so there is plenty of room left over for interpretation by the audience which makes them feel like they were given good guidance rather than simply being forced down a bad path… trust me if I know anything about giving sage tips during interviews! 🙂 Here is an example post I did last year: http://jess

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