Best Immigration Lawyers In Dfw For Green Card Processing?

In the Dallas area, two of the most well-known immigration attorneys are Jodi Lin and Maria Shih. The first one is from Plano, Texas and has been a member of the State Bar Association since 1982 as an attorney at law. She works with clients from all over North America as she deals with family-based visas for green cards. The second attorney is also based in Plano, but has been practicing law since 1999. Her practice deals mainly with employment-based visas for green card applicants as well as other immigration cases such as naturalization applications or asylum claims that may be filed up to three times a year by immigrant families who have lived abroad for more than ten years due to political reasons or because it was their only way to survive financially after being forced out from their country due to war or persecution. Many people come here legally each year seeking asylum status after fleeing conflicts overseas so they can stay in America if they wish without fear of being persecuted back home again – especially those who have adopted American nationality through marriage rather than birthright citizenship laws around the world which force them into exile if they want a say in what happens next inside their own homelands where human rights violations continue unabated no matter how long someone’s lived away from his native land now living within its borders under new government rule..

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