Best Immigration Lawyers For Green Card Eb1 Process?

The eb1 process is a federal petition filed by foreign nationals who will be seeking to obtain an immigrant visa for themselves or their family members. An immigant visa, also known as an ā€œEā€ visa, may only be issued in conjunction with the receipt of a green card from USCIS. In order to apply for an EB-1 speciality occupation class 1 (also referred to as Sb) visa, however, applicants must first meet certain eligibility requirements and file forms with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The immigration lawyer at our firm has over 30 years of experience helping clients navigate the complex immigration system for all types of visas ā€“ including bothEB-1 and EB-5 ā€“ through his experienced team.

Are there any costs involved when filing my green card application?

There are no legal fees associated with qualifying as a beneficiary under one of these programs; however, you will need to pay the processing fee. If your case qualifies as being approved based on advanced degree or significant professional achievement credentials alone you can usually submit this form online without paying any additional fees at all! Our partner organization Priority Service gets paid between $2k-$4k per year just for processing this particular form which saves many clients money since they don’t have to pay anything extra if their request is automatically approved! We have been doing this program now since 2002 so we know how it works inside out!We offer low rates throughout the entire process because we understand that

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