Best Immigration Lawyers For Dv Lottery In Bay Area Ca?

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If you need help with your US visa, we can help. We offer free consultation and advice on how to handle a US Visa or Green Card application and all of the related requirements such as: H1, B-1/B-2 Visas; Fiancee Visas; Marriage Visas; Dependent Visa (DV) applications etc..

We are experienced immigration lawyers who specialize in working with people from around the world on their green card applications. Our team has helped many clients apply for permanent residency through our specialization in family based visas like K2, K3 ,K4 and others.

Our firm also specializes in helping people file I539s which they can use to enter into countries that do not require them to have a visa such as Mexico and Canada. Learn more about this process here: You will notice that there is no information on applying for temporary workers permits so please contact us if you would like further information on doing so :).

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