Best Immigration Lawyers For Colombia?

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5 Best Places for an American Citizen Who Is Relocating To Colombia? If you’re a citizen living abroad and looking to relocate to Colombia as part of your professional plans, these are the five cities best suited for expats who wish to live and work there. Bogota – The capital city of Columbia is the largest city in Latin America , with over 8 million people according to its most recent census results . It has been ranked as one of the top 10 safest cities by Money Magazine which makes it an ideal place for relocation if security is important. With almost all nationalities being able healthy income levels despite having only 4% foreign born population, this could be also an attractive destination if one wants certain amenities like higher education opportunities or culture diversity without too much cost associated with them. Medellin – This large metropolitan area located south west from Bogotá houses 1 million inhabitants , making it rank number 2 largest metro area in South America after São Paulo . Approximately 80% of businesses here are owned by Colombians themselves yet there are still many international companies operating here due corporate tax rates at 9%. Over 90% Colombians have

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