Best Heels For Lawyers?

“The high-heeled lawyers,” I said. “They have a lot of power and influence in the world—and they really know how to use it. They can even get away with murder if they want to. In fact, some of them are pretty good at it! But you had better stop wearing those things before your feet start getting cut up from all the walking you do every day…. Do you have any idea what a long way we had to go just so that you could give me this message? I’m going on forty years old now and my feet aren’t as strong as they used to be…. Anyway, let me tell you what happened: There was this poor little kid who lived down there by the river—just outside our town limits. And he drowned himself after his dog got dragged into one of those big steel traps that fishermen set out for shad or striped bass or whatever fish live in Smithfield River… He must have been eight years old when he did it—his parents were going through a divorce…. Well, apparently somebody saw him put his shoes on right after school for a walk over here but didn’t know why until later … You see people don’t always look out their windows like we do…. So anyway… The boy fell in love with an older girl in our town … She probably knew she wasn’t supposed to fraternize with second graders but she went ahead

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