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How to Get a Free Nail Polish

The answer is simple: Be nice. This doesn’t mean you can’t get into trouble while at work, but it does mean that if your boss calls and asks you to come in for a chat, don’t say no. Instead, tell him or her that you’re busy working on something else; however, once the person leaves the room, look up their contact information and send them an email saying how much of an idiot they are for even bothering to ask such a question (yes). No one will ever be able to prove whether or not this was really why you were busy; all they’ll know is that it’s too good of an excuse not to give them what they want. If it works out well enough for everyone involved (and let’s face it—it probably will), then by all means continue doing things like sending out nasty emails every now and again. But make sure there’s plenty of evidence backing up your claims so the people who aren’t as creative with excuses aren’t tempted to try any shenanigans on their own!

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