Best Grammar Book For Lawyers?

Would you like to be able to correctly use grammar? Do you wish that there was a book, or set of books designed specifically for lawyers, containing clear explanations and examples of correct usage? You are in luck! There is such a book. It’s called the Oxford Handbook on English Usage (Aphra Farrar ed.). This book has now been revised and expanded by two other experts — Peter Quicke & David Crystal. The latest edition contains approximately 1100 pages, which cover almost every type of usage problem any lawyer may have. This new edition includes many references to online resources for further information about particular parts of English language that can cause problems for lawyers. I used this book extensively during my studies at the University of London School of Law so I know it well enough to recommend it without hesitation as the best available grammar reference tool for law students preparing their own essays or reports or coursework projects. Even if you already have another grammar reference guidebook, check out all three editions side by side with this one because they are not identical but rather similar yet different from each other in some areas; sometimes more alike than others depending on what area(s) interest you most as a student lawyer learning proper legal English style/usage issues first hand! Click here to order directly from Amazon USA : Click here to order direct from Amazon UK: Click here back to top

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