Best Government Agencies For Lawyers?

A. The Department of Justice, DLA Piper’s clients include the FBI, the CIA and the Pentagon. One of their biggest mandates is prosecuting corporate fraud cases against companies that are doing business with the government. For example, they have taken on BP in a case where they were responsible for cleaning up oil spills to prevent an environmental disaster from happening again after Katrina left millions without water systems. It takes a lot of work to go after these large corporations since it requires filing suits against them and sometimes winning trials which can be very expensive for lawyers who represent both sides in this type of trial.

Q: Why would someone become an Attorney? What do you like most about your job?

A: We all need insurance so I guess it makes sense that we wanted attorneys as employees! There are many things I enjoy about my job at DLA Piper including working with clients on complex issues involving international trade laws, patents and copyrights; representing US federal agencies under seal; negotiating private-sector contracts related to national security matters; working on complex litigation matters (I am currently handling three different patent infringement cases brought by Microsoft). But every day I get out there early in order to walk my dog before work or go jogging around Washington DC – not exactly what you would expect from someone who has spent most of his life living near 21st Street NW between Dupont Circle NW & Connecticut Avenue NW (that’s right next door to Embassy Row!) but it does give

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