Best Google Fonts For Lawyers?

It’s a great question. As you might guess, the answer is not easy to give. Does this mean no? Absolutely not! There are plenty of good Google fonts for lawyers out there. So what I decided to do was list some of my favorite choices, along with some thoughts on why they work well in legal documents and how you can use them effectively.

The Fonts

From these eight options, we narrowed it down to just four: Lucida Sans Typewriter (Lucida), Georgia (Georgia), Futura Extra Bold (Futura) and Open Sans Light (Open Sans). Although all were well designed and equally effective in their own right at conveying tone and message, one stood above the others as our winner: Open Sans Light by Google Webfonts™ Developer Studio LLC™. This font has been quite popular among many designers who have created lawyer graphics using it or other weights such as bold or black—and rightfully so; it looks sharp! The following sections explain more details about each typeface that gained us over the rest of the pack based on design merits alone—but don’t take my word for it! Check out our top picks below:

* * *

Note: The vast majority of law office websites utilize Helvetica faces like Arial or Verdana; however, if your client wants an alternative face but doesn’t want to invest much time into learning new font families

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