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“Calls to your Google Voice number can be forwarded to your regular home or cell phone numbers, and the rest of the call is handled by Google Voice for free (and internationally). Any calls you make via Google Voice do not count against your monthly wireless plan minutes, so this might be a great way to keep those pesky overage charges down on your mobile plan as well as making international calls at no additional cost. Plus, since you don’t have any long distance charges factored into it, calling from Google Voice doesn’t even count as an international call. Once logged in with Gmail account and its associated email address, logging into the new version of Hangouts app will give you full access to all these features. Using Hangouts app won?t require adding any additional apps and settings just like using traditional dialing methods would: there are none required other than downloading the Hangouts app once it becomes available for iOS devices later this spring or Android handsets sometime early next year..\r\r\r\r”,”tags”:[“feature”,”healthcare attorney”,”legal issues”],”category”:”article_view”, “meta_description”:null,”promo_video”:null,”sponsored_listing”:false.”using_locations”:[],”keywords”:[],”search_name”:”Google+ Dialer Callout – healthcare lawyer”,”pageurl

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