Best Global Outsourcing Marketplace For Lawyers?

For most lawyers, the question is different: “Where can you find the best global outsourcing marketplace for law firms?” What’s more important than where to find a good marketplace or platform? Is it really just about finding a good match between your needs and what they offer in their services and products? Or do we need to look at other considerations such as reputation, experience, quality of service and cost per transaction.

We asked some of our clients with many years in the market whether there was one best place to source legal contracts from offshore (offshore law) or domestic (domestic law). The responses were massive; not surprising given that these are big players in this space. We spent time identifying which ones stood out from all others when ranking them against each other: price-quality ratio; value for money; technology used by providers; reliability and flexibility offered by providers; support provided by providers. You can learn more on how we ranked below under details questions. For now let’s focus on three categories: price vs quality ratios, value for money ratings and support ratings. In short terms here’s what came out of asking our legal market partners which provider they felt had identified their requirements accurately based on criteria highlighted above: NewLaw Offshore has been rated 4th overall – 2nd worldwide! It has been rated 3rd globally for Value For Money . And 5th globally across all categories including Support Rating , Technology Used by Provider Rating , Availability /

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