Best Glasses For Lawyers?

Everything you need to know about legal eyeglasses and contact lens wear in the workplace.

How should I care for my glasses? Here are some tips on safely cleaning, storing and replacing your glasses or contacts: Cleaning Your Glasses Cleaning your frames with warm water and mild soap will keep them looking great. If you use a special glass cleaner for eyeglasses, follow the instructions carefully — while using other cleaners can damage lenses. Store Your Glasses You don’t want to forget where your glasses are, but if they’re not in use, make sure they aren’t dusty or dirty by storing them away from direct light and moisture. If you really love reading late at night (or early in the morning), leave them out overnight; otherwise store them in a compact case that can be easily stored away when not needed. Replacing Lenses/Contacts There’s no reason why you should ever replace an eye-wear component unless it’s damaged beyond repair (i.e., broken) or one of its parts has been lost due to misuse (for example through dropping). The correct way is to visit an optometrist who’ll fit new lenses into your prescription so that they’re custom made just for you! He’ll also take care of any needs related to dryness or irritation caused by improper eye mechanics during sleep hours, among other things – all free of charge! And remember… When wearing contact lens(s), always remove before turning over at night… this

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